Your Thoughts Today
Using the Law of Attraction

Your Thoughts Today

Your Thoughts Today
 is a website designed with the goal of introducing you to the power of your thoughts and to provide you the resources necessary to enable you to take command of your everyday thinking to produce the things you desire in your life.

This valuable guidance will help you become more aware of your everyday thoughts, the good ones and the bad ones and will help you to begin to realize that you have the power within to deliberately direct your thinking in a way to enable you to be, do or have anything you desire in your life.

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“Thoughts Become Things”, whether you are consciously aware of this process or not and scientist tell us that on average each of us has more than 60,000 unique thoughts daily. In fact everything that has happened to you in your life to date is a result of your thinking and your thoughts will continue to pave your road in life for as long as you are alive. It is then up to you to learn how to focus your thoughts in a way that makes you the deliberate creator of your own life.

Catherine Ponder, author of the widely acclaimed book, originally published in 1962, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity “states;

“The thoughts of your mind have made you what you are, and thoughts of your mind will make you whatever you become from this day forward”

Consider for a moment that all the physical things that surround us were first created as a result of the thoughts of others by the thoughts they at one time had. What propelled their success? Well what they understood was that their continued focus and deliberate thoughts about a desire would in turn produce over time the outcome they had sought. They came to understand that their mind is like a magnet that continuously draws to them like thoughts and experiences and if they can deliberately continue to focus on the things they want, then the Law of Attraction (more about this universal law later) will place into their lives the people, places and things that are in alignment with their thoughts and over time give to them their desire.

“You get what you think about – whether you want it or not”
 – Ester and Jerry Hicks
(The Teachings of Abraham)

Now let’s begin together the process of deliberately creating our own future, understanding that where we are today is a result of the past thoughts we’ve had and who we once were. Whereas, “Your Thoughts Today” and everyday going forward will create for you the wonderful future you wish to have.

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